Staging Series: 1 Bedroom Condo

Our staging series is designed to help you re-imagine your living space. Whether you are looking to list your property, or just freshen it up – anything is possible with a little bit of design, decor and inspiration.

Here, we have a slightly dated 1 Bedroom Condo located in the heart of North York, Toronto. It’s situated on the third floor, which can pose a challenge for both noise and light in densely populated areas. Thankfully, its clearance over the nearby townhouses provided enough workable light to fill the unit and hide some of the imperfections. The size of the living is very spacious for a 1 bedroom in this market, however the layout presented some challenges for furnishing and entertainment. We addressed this in the staging by not awkwardly forcing a television, and finding a slightly undersized sofa set. Our goal here is to draw out the strengths of the space without accidentally highlighting the weaknesses. For colour palette, we played to the neutral wall tones, while adding blue accents to tie the living areas together. Looks great if you ask me.

Next, we simplified the bedroom layout to bare essentials, while moving the work space out to the dining area which allows the unit to breathe lightly. We touched up the baseboards, and brightened the lights, which added some gloss and sheen to the presentation.

Suffice to say, our clients were very happy with the result. We hope you can find some inspiration or ideas from this setup, and good luck on your home decor journey!

If you have any questions about this project, or would like to reach out to chat about our real estate and design services, feel free to drop a line any time!


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