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  • Govee TV Ambient Immersion Backlights

    Govee TV Ambient Immersion Backlights

    Ambient backlights have definitely come a long way over the years. Philips led the way in the early days with specially designed TV’s ($$$) or to a lesser degree, lights that required a camera to be on and positioned at the screen from a distance. This always felt clunky to me and not worth the… Read More

  • Curved Home Theater Platform Update

    Curved Home Theater Platform Update

    When square doesn’t cut it. As part of my basement revitalization projects (see my new Project Screen and my Dolby Atmos Surround Setup), I decided to revisit the platform I created last year and think of new ways to enhance it. Although I loved the height of the platform, the square edges with brown flooring… Read More

  • My Dolby Atmos Setup! 7.1.4 (now 7.2.4) Surround Sound Home Theater

    My Dolby Atmos Setup! 7.1.4 (now 7.2.4) Surround Sound Home Theater

    Jan 8, 2022 Edit: I realized I never included my subs to the description. I recently updated the setup to a 7.2.4 (second sub) and the difference is astounding. There’s a whole world out there for home theaters beyond video. After building out my basement theater, I realized I may have overlooked something as obvious… Read More

  • Building the Perfect Home Theater Projector Screen

    Building the Perfect Home Theater Projector Screen

    You’ve finally built your platform, installed your Atmos home theater, and then boom – another thousand dollar ticket awaits for a projector screen. Even still, while there are so many options out there, they rarely match the exact configuration and requirements of your space. When thinking projector screens, most of the expense goes towards the… Read More

  • DIY Home Theater Stage / Platform

    DIY Home Theater Stage / Platform

    What kind of theater room doesn’t have raised seating? Okay, I guess most don’t but if you’re on the hunt for theater room designs and came across some cool layouts – chances are they all have some sort of platform. Good news is this is a quick and easy project that you can bang out… Read More

  • DIY Fibre Optic Ceiling Installation (Star Lights)

    DIY Fibre Optic Ceiling Installation (Star Lights)

    When we were finishing the basement, one of our must haves was a home theater where we could enjoy sports and movies on a frequent basis. Given the open basement concept in our minds, we needed to think about different ways to compartmentalize the living area. After many nights of searching and weighing options, we… Read More



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