Outdoor Projects

  • DIY Modern Outdoor Planter Box

    DIY Modern Outdoor Planter Box

    No backyard is complete without some sort of planter. If you wanted to buy one, a decent sized planter could easily run you $200-$300, so why not build one? Now if you decide to do this, I’m pretty sure you’ve checked online and found a lot of ideas ranging from stacked wood laid on the… Read More

  • DIY Cyclone Fixed Dust Collector

    DIY Cyclone Fixed Dust Collector

    Have you ever heard of a cyclone? Yeah, probably not so you can thank me later. The basic premise behind these bad boys is that all your vacuum dust moves through a “cyclone” before hitting your Shop-Vac canister. With the help of gravity it gets separated into a separate canister. This dust collection system captures… Read More

  • DIY Beer Pong / Golf Cornhole Board

    DIY Beer Pong / Golf Cornhole Board

    Looking for new ways to bring the party outdoors? By special request, I was asked by a friend to whip together something in a few days for an outdoor party to keep guests entertained. Goal here is to make something that can be used as a golf cornhole board, but also dub as a potential… Read More

  • DIY Modern Outdoor Bench

    DIY Modern Outdoor Bench

    Summer is here! We’ve spent the better part of June finishing our backyard. With the fence finally going up we went to work on a lot of the larger structural upgrades. We built the pergola, had the grass removed in lieu of interlocking and enhanced our deck space. Now time to furnish. This is the… Read More

  • DIY Pergola for Dummies

    DIY Pergola for Dummies

    With summer season right around the corner, now’s the perfect time to get a jump on any backyard DIY’s on your bucket list. Between the new found quarantine time and the benefit of enjoying your project all season – this was a no brainer. Backyard landscaping is pretty damn expensive, so it’s smart to look… Read More

  • DIY Stay Organized with Garage Cleats

    DIY Stay Organized with Garage Cleats

    Scrap wood. So much scrap wood. What to do with it? Throwing it away is a waste, so why not put it to good use? If you haven’t checked out my slatwall review, see why staying organized and neat is so important for your tools and your garage. Slatwall and other commercial solutions are expensive,… Read More

  • DIY Front Door Color Change

    DIY Front Door Color Change

    From the day we moved into this home, my wife has been asking me to change the colour of the door to black. I’ve literally done everything but that – finished a basement, converted my garage to storage, and then reconverted it again to a workspace, painted the house, put trim in, etc etc. Given… Read More



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