Indoor Projects

  • Curved Home Theater Platform Update

    Curved Home Theater Platform Update

    When square doesn’t cut it. As part of my basement revitalization projects (see my new Project Screen and my Dolby Atmos Surround Setup), I decided to revisit the platform I created last year and think of new ways to enhance it. Although I loved the height of the platform, the square edges with brown flooring… Read More

  • Install New Stair Treads on Old Stair Case!

    Install New Stair Treads on Old Stair Case!

    Re-Finishing your stairs is definitely a daunting task, no doubt. I’ve been putting it off for a year since I didn’t want to create a bunch of dust in my house for something cosmetic. Now that I’m done, I must say it really wasn’t that bad. Using the right tools and a handy shop-vac, I… Read More

  • DIY Crown Moulding 102 with LED Light Strip

    DIY Crown Moulding 102 with LED Light Strip

    Continuing our discussion from Crown Moulding 101, LED lighting strips above your dining room table just felt like the obvious next step. I encourage you to read through the 101 to get a hang of the basics, while I’ll talk about some minor variances here. Materials Tools Instructions Light it up. Hope you guys enjoyed… Read More

  • DIY Home Theater Stage / Platform

    DIY Home Theater Stage / Platform

    What kind of theater room doesn’t have raised seating? Okay, I guess most don’t but if you’re on the hunt for theater room designs and came across some cool layouts – chances are they all have some sort of platform. Good news is this is a quick and easy project that you can bang out… Read More

  • DIY Fibre Optic Ceiling Installation (Star Lights)

    DIY Fibre Optic Ceiling Installation (Star Lights)

    When we were finishing the basement, one of our must haves was a home theater where we could enjoy sports and movies on a frequent basis. Given the open basement concept in our minds, we needed to think about different ways to compartmentalize the living area. After many nights of searching and weighing options, we… Read More

  • DIY Crown Moulding Basics 101

    DIY Crown Moulding Basics 101

    Walk into a house with crown moulding, look up and think to yourself “damn, this is nice“. Go home, look at your wife and tell her one day you too will have crown moulding, then go to bed. You wake up the next day, your wife reminds you of your promise and then you tell… Read More



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