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  • Monstera Deliciosa a.k.a Swiss Cheese

    Monstera Deliciosa a.k.a Swiss Cheese

    The Magic of Monstera: The Hottest Houseplant of the Moment! Monstera plants, also known as Swiss Cheese Plants, are taking over our homes and hearts! With their unique and striking leaves that resemble Swiss cheese, these lush and lush green plants are the ultimate accessory for any millennial living space. Whether you’re an experienced gardener… Read More

  • Well, Aloe There!

    Well, Aloe There!

    If you think that you’re one of those “plant killers” like I used to or think that you’ll just kill the next plant you bring home, you’ve come to the right place! New to the plant world and looking for something super easy to maintain? Get started with an aloe plant! Aloe Benefits Aloe plants… Read More

  • Grow Your Own Avocado Plant

    Grow Your Own Avocado Plant

    Avocado seeds are another one of the easiest seeds to grow! So the next time you eat an avocado, consider keeping the seeds to turn them into an indoor plant for your home. If you’re lucky enough to in a warmer climate, you can plant them outside for future avocados. Here are 3 simple step-by-step… Read More

  • How to Care for a Ficus Lyrata aka Fiddle Fig

    How to Care for a Ficus Lyrata aka Fiddle Fig

    You may have seen this popular plant on your Instagram feeds or showcased in magazines. Its round, leafy and luscious appearance are not only joyful to look at if you’re a plant lover, but definitely picture worthy in a living space. I got my first fiddle fig over a year ago and it’s brought me… Read More

  • How to Grow a Lemon Plant

    How to Grow a Lemon Plant

    In case you didn’t already know, there are many types of seeds that you could use to propagate! As I was experimenting with growing from my compost, I thought to give lemon seeds a try. It’s been very rewarding to watch them grow! Here are step-by-step instructions on how to germinate your own lemon plant:… Read More



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Commercial, Residential… Jason Does It All! Jason helped me with both commercial and residential lease. In both instances, I was a first-time renter and Jason was extremely professional and detail-oriented. He really understood my concerns and helped me find suitable listings very quickly. Jason responded to my numerous inquiries patiently and guided me through the […]

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