How to Care for a Ficus Lyrata aka Fiddle Fig

fig by the window fireplace

Ficus Lyrata Fiddle Fig by the window

You may have seen this popular plant on your Instagram feeds or showcased in magazines. Its round, leafy and luscious appearance are not only joyful to look at if you’re a plant lover, but definitely picture worthy in a living space. I got my first fiddle fig over a year ago and it’s brought me a lot of happiness, especially when it sprouts new leaves! With joy and mixed emotions at the beginning (about possibly killing it), I was determined to keep it alive!

The friendly man at the nursery said easy peasy-just keep it in indirect sunlight and water when the top 2 inches of soil are dry. I thought “OKAY that sounds easy enough“. Little did I know, fiddle figs need to acclimate to their new environment before they can thrive. I know from first hand experience, but once you pass that hump, they really aren’t that finicky at all.

Here are some routines that I follow to help not only keep my fiddle fig alive, but to help it THRIVE!

  1. Mix regular potting mix and cactus soil (helps to drain water better). I made a mistake of using only potting mix and the water did not drain as well.
  2. Container should be spacious enough to allow for root growth AND it must have holes at the bottle for drainage. IF you start to see roots grow out of the holes, it’s time to upgrade to a bigger pot.
  3. Water once every 7-10 days (max 2 weeks) depending on the season (check to see if top soil is dry before watering). It’s helpful to use a moisture meter if you have one or dig into the soil 2 inches deep with a small wooden stick. I water mine once every 10 days or so in the spring/summer and once every 2 weeks in the fall/winter seasons.
  4. Weekly misting and cleaning of leaves to help it maintain humidity (especially during the dry winter seasons). I use a spray bottle with water and wipe off the water after misting the top and bottom of the leaves.
  5. They need to stay near indirect sunlight (so not too close to windows)
  6. Water with plant food and fertilize every 6 months.


Ficus Lyrata Fiddle Fig by the window

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