Staging Series: 3 Bedroom Freehold Townhouse

Our staging series is designed to help you re-imagine your living space. Whether you are looking to list your property, or just freshen it up – anything is possible with a little bit of design, decor and inspiration.

Believe it or not, this house is not actually staged. It did however, just complete a main level remodel where the kitchen was opened up and a dividing wall was removed. You can see, the kitchen immediately becomes the focal piece bringing together the entire living space. Bold brushed metal cabinet handles combined with solid white stone provide character to the clean white doors. Simple pendant lights carry the simplistic modern elements throughout the kitchen right into the living area. The shared teal in both the living and dining areas not only tie together , but also warm up the main floor in one coherent breath.

When we sold this unit, we received over 30 offers across a 10 hour negotiation. I remember clearly telling potential buyers on the fence that “even if they hired professional designers, it is unlikely that they could replicate the beauty and found space in this townhouse”.

Yes, we shattered the area’s valuation with this sale.

As always, if you are interested in learning more about this project, or would like some assistance with Real Estate and Design in the GTA, Ontario – feel free to reach out and drop me a line.

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