• DIY Donut (Doughnut) Peg Board

    DIY Donut (Doughnut) Peg Board

    One of our close friends is about to celebrate their daughters first birthday and asked if I could whip together a Donut Board for their party. These things are quite popular nowadays and also versatile for a number of different event settings. I figured I’d try to build something a little different than some of… Read More

  • Staging Series: 1 Bedroom Condo

    Staging Series: 1 Bedroom Condo

    Here, we have a slightly dated 1 Bedroom Condo located in the heart of North York, Toronto. It’s situated on the third floor, which can pose a challenge for both noise and light in densely populated areas. Thankfully, its clearance over the nearby townhouses provided enough workable light to fill the unit and hide some… Read More

  • DIY Transitional Coat Rack

    DIY Transitional Coat Rack

    Jackets. So many jackets. So messy. We bought a nice little modern looking coat rack from Wayfair for $50 with 3 hooks on it thinking we could manage. The idea was simple, we’d hang our current in-play jacket, and then neatly tuck away the extras in our closet. What was we thinking? Within 24 hours,… Read More

  • What’s the difference? Pre-construction vs Existing Homes

    What’s the difference? Pre-construction vs Existing Homes

    As a Realtor in Toronto, I get this question all the time from potential new buyers – Should I buy pre-construction or a relatively new existing home? While I can go on about this all day in greater length and detail, here are some key differences to help you make a better decision. Benefits of… Read More



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Commercial, Residential… Jason Does It All! Jason helped me with both commercial and residential lease. In both instances, I was a first-time renter and Jason was extremely professional and detail-oriented. He really understood my concerns and helped me find suitable listings very quickly. Jason responded to my numerous inquiries patiently and guided me through the […]

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