Grow Your Own Avocado Plant

avocado seeds in a mason jar

Our propagating series is all about making something from nothing. Through trial and error, we hope to find you the easiest ways to bring some green into your life. Check out our propagate category for more stories just like this to start bringing your kitchen to life.

sliced avocado

Avocado seeds are another one of the easiest seeds to grow! So the next time you eat an avocado, consider keeping the seeds to turn them into an indoor plant for your home. If you’re lucky enough to in a warmer climate, you can plant them outside for future avocados.

Here are 3 simple step-by-step instructions:

  1. Wash your avocado seeds and peel off the skin
  2. You need 4 toothpicks to poke into the sides of the seeds (about the midway point in an angled position)

avocado seeds in mason jar
  1. Fill a small jar or container with water and place your avocado seeds so that the water is covered half way. The toothpicks should be able to prop the avocado seeds up.

You are done! It’s really that easy. Place your seeds with moderate sunlight (not by a window or else it can cause algae growth) and change the water every couple of days to ensure water absorption.

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  1. Amy Avatar

    Great content ! So glad I came across your page. Your blogs are so informative for a new homeowner like me. Please share blog on how to plant transplant:).


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